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Heat Pump Thermostat

Heat pump thermostat performs the function of heating and cooling the air that is circulated through the room. The pump contains a valve that lets you decide whether you want your air to be in high or low temperatures. If you use electricity to heat your room, be sure to use a heat pump thermostat, because it helps you save on costs by producing three times more the heat produced with the same amount of energy consumption. Now that's efficiency for you!

Get heat pump thermostat for improved circulation, energy efficiency and temperature control

Heat pumps can make central air-conditioning a cost-effective and affordable affair. They are mostly used in areas with moderate or temperate climates. You can choose your heat pump depending on your heating and cooling needs - the prices range from around $2,000 up to around $8,000 (for the bigger, branded ones). Investing in a good, solid heat pump can pay off big-time. Although it may be a little dearer than most, it's well worth it in the long run - because it would mean lesser maintenance costs.

Speaking of maintenance, your heat pump can last you years and years, provided you get your air conditioner serviced every few months. It's simply a matter of habit. Keeping the air conditioner clean would help it function smoothly and you will benefit doubly - both in terms of health as well as comfort.

The two main types of heat pumps used for residential purposes thermostats are - electro-mechanical and electronic heat pump thermostats. Those who don't want technology hassles usually opt for the electro-mechanical variety. The electronic heat pump lets you set the temperature as you like.