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It might seem logical that over time, dust collects on air ducts inside your central air conditioning system and that over time, cleaning the air ducts would be something to complete at least on a yearly basis. Central Air Conditioning SystemBut with everyday tasks and other priorities, many people do not realize the real importance cleaning the air ducts can have on the overall performance of their central air conditioning as well as a healthier lifestyle.

Air ducts , or ducts , as they are often referred to, are simple sheets of metal, sheet metal or metal tubes that carry cool and hot air through all the rooms in your home. These ducts are distributed throughout the entire house to provide proper ventilation. So, in essence, if your ductwork is not properly cleaned, it can become a health hazard and cause major problems with your entire air conditioning system.

Part of your routine air conditioning maintenance should be air duct cleaning. If you have a residential air conditioning system, oftentimes you can clean the ductwork yourself. However, in commercial air conditioning or industrial air conditioning systems, where the ductwork is fairly large and a maze of pipes, hiring an air duct service would be advisable because they come with special air duct cleaning equipment to properly clean the entire ductwork.

This can range in cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500, depending on the size of the air conditioning ventilation infrastructure, air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of all the air condition parts , including the air conditioning filter, fan and air ducts in an air conditioning unit. Air ducts , in residential and commercial properties, are a maze of pipes that can become quite a hassle when trying to clean on your own. Hiring an air duct service annually is a wise decision and will keep your air conditioning system working properly.

Some signs that ducts should be cleaned are:

  • If you see any mold growth that is visible or if you have had mold growth in the past and it has not gone away.
  • If there has been rodent or an insect infestation inside your air conditioning unit or inside the air ducts .
  • If you have a clogged air conditioning system - this can be caused by a buildup of dust if you have not cleaned your air conditioning filters or the ductwork in a long period of time.