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Evaporator Coil

When it comes to central air conditioning, the air has to be distributed evenly throughout the room and the temperature levels ought to be the same through the room. As mentioned before, every single part of an air conditioning system plays an important role in the functioning of the whole. The evaporator coil is one such component of the system which is pretty much indispensable. The coil is an apparatus or a piece of equipment used in heat pumps, furnaces or air conditioning systems. It helps to circulate cold air through the ductwork. When air passes over the evaporator coil, it absorbs the heat to cool the air and let it pass out in a stream through the outlet.

Evaporator coils help regulate airflow and modify air temperature

The evaporator coil is located right beside the air conditioning unit, but it is barely noticeable. You can look at it from the outside of your window. Now since it is exposed to the environment, it is susceptible to a fair bit of wear and tear. One must always make it a point to check the coil during any repair visits. Replacing the coil can also vastly improve the airflow and circulation in the home.

Maintaining and replacing an evaporation coil is a good practice, because it is the difference between just plain air and cold air. Yes, without it, you'd probably be getting just hot air. Coils also help improve the overall performance of the air conditioner. It is also directly affected by the state of the refrigerant as they both work in coordination. The air filter also needs to be cleaned around the air duct to allow for smooth functioning of the evaporator. By regularly changing or servicing your filter, you can be assured that your entire system will function flawlessly.