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Condensing Unit

Condensing unit, popularly known as the 'outdoor unit', is essentially used to cool the entire home. The condensing unit works with the air handler, or 'indoor unit', to absorb the vaporized refrigerant emanated from it. The condensation liquefies the vapor and channels it out into the interiors of the home. It is augmented with vital air conditioning parts as well as an outdoor fan to help circulate the cool or warm air evenly through the room. The essence of this system is to pass air over cold or hot surfaces to get the desired air conditioning effect.

Some of you who are living in colder environments often worry about the condensing units getting affected in the harsh weather. Well, let us tell you that there's absolutely no cause for concern, because the units will be able to withstand these temperatures and conditions- they are made that way. In fact rainfall actually helps clean the units.

The condensing unit is another vital component of your air conditioning system

Since the condensing unit is exposed to the outdoors, it is advised to clear out any obstructions like leaves, twigs and weeds surrounding the air conditioner. These objects are likely to get into the fan and thus cause trouble. Trees are known to cause a bit of a problem with air conditioners - so you can plant them at a fair distance. If you see any water collecting outside of the unit, it could be that the level is off. To solve this problem you can adjust the level the unit is on so that the water can be drained off easily. Many a times replacing a condensing unit proves a better option than servicing or repairing it. Any inspection of the air conditioning system must include a thorough condensing unit check.