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Air Handler

An air handler or air handling unit, often referred to as an AHU is an indoor cost-efficient device that is used in place of a gas furnace. Air handler is a large unit comprising of a blower, heating and/or cooling components, filter chambers or racks, attenuators, dampers etc., and is usually used as a part of a Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC).

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The air handlers and air conditioning or heat pump system go hand in hand. The device combinations work to regulate cool breeze in summer and all the heat required in winter to offer you a comfortable environment to work in. thus, they provide central air conditioning. When used to supply heat, the air handler contains a fuel-burning heater or coils being heated by circulating water or steam from a central boiler. In case of cooling using the air handler, the unit contains a refrigeration system or a coil which is cooled by chilled water from a chiller unit or direct refrigerant within the unit.

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