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Air Conditioning Parts

An air conditioner has many small parts that are integral to the functioning of the whole conditioning system. Each part cannot function or is useless without the other. This makes it very important to keep all the parts in good condition to make sure the air conditioning system is functioning optimally. The systems cooling as well and heating properties must be up to the mark.

To start with, the air filter is the most important part of the air conditioning system. Its function is to filter the dust, microbes and atmospheric particulate matter and channel it into the room. It also plays a vital role in keeping the insides of the system clean and functioning smoothly. A malfunction in the filter can affect most other parts and thus affect the overall cooling and heating ability of the system.

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The air compressor compresses the low pressure and low volume gases for the purpose of improving energy efficiency. Other parts such as the evaporator coil, air ducts, refrigerants, thermostats and condensing units are integral to the functioning of the air conditioning system. Each part plays a role in air and heat regulation, pressure control and energy preservation. In this manner the entire air conditioning unit functions - as a sum of its parts.

With so many parts, it may seem like air conditioners require high maintenance, but it is not so. The checkups and part replacements must be carried out periodically to keep the cooling system functioning optimally and to ensure that the air inside is healthy and clean. In fact, the effort truly pays off because these checks help you cut costs efficiently.