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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Refrigeration or cooling is obviously the most important function of an air conditioning system. But how does an air conditioner take normal air - at room temperature - and cool it down to lower temperatures? The system uses a refrigerant to do this job. A refrigerant is a substance used for refrigeration i.e. keeping the surrounding environment cool.

We run all the checks for air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Refrigeration in an air conditioner is simple. The refrigerant absorbs excess heat and sends the cool air blowing in through the filters. The hot air needs to leave the system, so it is pumped out from the back end of the air conditioner, which a lot of you must have experienced. This is nothing but excess heat. The absorption of the excess heat is done by a chemical refrigerant placed inside the air conditioning system. This refrigerant pushes the hot air out and the cold air in through the filter. The refrigerant consists of Chlorofluorocarbons, a colorless, nearly odorless liquid commonly known as R-11. The liquid starts to boil when placed at room temperature and can be used in air conditioning systems for heating and cooling purposes.

Refrigeration takes up a chunk of the energy when the air conditioning system is at work. Therefore, the more you use your system, the more frequently you have to get it serviced. If your air conditioning system is not cooling efficiently, there could be a problem with the refrigerant, in which case you should contact your servicing agent immediately. You need to check to make sure that the refrigerant is not left uncharged or is not leaking, two points of concern to be taken care of while installing the air conditioner. Ask us now and we will take care of your servicing needs.