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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance of your air conditioning system is something you cannot do without. All the different parts of the air conditioner are interconnected and depend upon one another for functioning correctly. If one of the parts, for example the filter has not been cleaned, serviced or repaired for damage, it can affect the functioning of the entire air conditioner. And all this would only put you, the user, at the losing end. Electricity charges will go up due to higher consumption, the life of the equipment could shorten and most importantly, the air around would slowly get filled by dust, mites, bugs and all sorts of undesirable substances from the outdoors. That risk is not worth taking and is easily avoidable if you just keep your air conditioning filter in check and keep servicing and repairing it as and when required.

Get air conditioning maintenance and repair services from the experts!

It is commonly advised to change the air filter every month or every fortnight, but we believe it can wait until about three months at a stretch. And this is only if conditioning system's been installed at home. If it's been installed in a commercial or industrial center, cleaning and minor replacements have to happen every few weeks. This is because the air conditioning takes place almost all day everyday. So it is important to make your air conditioning system check a part of routine. Even slight cakes of dirt and dust must be cleaned off if spotted. At Airconditioning-filters, we provide air conditioning system repair and maintenance services. Since we are the ones who manufacture the goods, who knows better than us to do your repair job?