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Air Conditioning Heating Repair

Air conditioning and heating systems are not just about cooling and heating! They are built to perform in a manner that saves energy, conditions evenly and in the process also keeps the air inside clean and clear. Health and comfort are our primary considerations during manufacture.

Heating and air conditioning systems need to be used frequently to function properly. But what happens to them during the summers and winters? If your system is out of action for a whole season, it could get a little out of form, don't you agree? For this reason, in the summers, our heating equipment technicians carry out timely repair and maintenance work, such as replacing filters, ducts and other parts of the system that may accumulate dust and other particulate impurities over time. In the winters, our air-conditioning mechanics inspect the systems and carry out the required maintenance drills, such as overhauling the compressors, cleaning of the filters.

Need air conditioning and heating system repairs - call on the experts!

At Airconditioning-filters.com we specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of air-conditioning and heating systems. We offer service contracts for regular check-ups of these systems just to even out the seasonal fluctuations of maintenance work. Repair-works set to a schedule are always economical and time-saving options.

Heating and air-conditioning systems consist of several components such as motors, compressors, pumps, fans, ducts, pipes, thermostats and switches. Our job is to make sure that each of these interconnected parts is functioning optimally at all times. Our technicians have all been trained in the techniques of maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of these systems.

Apart from controlling temperature, heating and cooling, the air-conditioning systems control the humidity and the total air quality in residential, commercial, as well as industrial area where they've been installed. Our expert technicians are equipped to install, maintain and repair such systems.